Caskets & Shrouds

Green burial means natural materials only, please – no concrete vault, no varnished wood or metals, nothing that doesn’t biodegrade can go into the ground. We can offer you a number of suggestions for sustainable caskets and shrouds.

Our local contractor, Bob at Golden Graphics, makes hand-made provision pinewood caskets from local sustainably harvested wood using a glue and wood doweling technique. They can be simple or fancy . . . your choice. Base price is $590, he can be reached at

Natural Burial Company has online options, look for Green Burial Council certified products – no finishes, no hardwoods. Please see our Policy Practice & Procedure pages for further details on our guidelines.

We also recommend shrouds. Hand made, natural and biodegradeable, they can be made at home out of a favorite quilt perhaps, or you can find them online (Kinkaraco makes good ones), or you can buy one handmade locally from Chris at Golden Graphics in Goldendale. Her base price is $390.


Jade releases a white dove over a shrouded woman just before burial.
White dove releases are free upon request.

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